Foot & Ankle Sleeve Compression Socks


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Treat your feet with our efficient and therapeutic foot sleeve compression socks.

These Compression Socks have brought me so much relief from the foot and ankle pain that I have been feeling for a long time. Really helps.
Forget about bulky night splints when Australia’s favourite foot sleeve compression socks are right here.

Pain-free walks are possible with our anti-fatigue compression socks. Our expertly crafted compression socks are a cost-effective solution to your foot ache. Specially designed for people with Plantar fasciitis to relieve pain. Helps to increase blood circulation and provide support to your foot.
Open-toe design makes sure to provide freedom to move your toes easily.

Compression-zone technology gently stretches the plantar fasciitis ligaments to provide sweet relief. Provide support to ankles and improve blood flow. You can get rid of all of your aches including the chronic arch, heel pain, and swelling of the foot.

Breathable material allows required airflow and provides enough oxygen.

Sweat-absorbent properties won’t make you sweat unnecessarily and keep your foot dry. Our unisex compression socks are equally beneficial for both men and women. You no longer need to wear huge-sized and uncomfortable night splints. These socks work efficiently even under normal socks or leggings.

Our lightweight foot sleeve compression socks can be worn while yoga, gym, and jogging as well.

:  Affordable and cost-effective solution to your pain.

Provide maximal support to the foot muscles and ligaments.

Perfect for all seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn)

Improve blood circulation throughout the leg

Best for people with plantar fasciitis

Unisex- both males and females can wear it Open-toe design allows easy mobility to foot. Breathable fabric cause comfortable walking with proper oxygen availability. Compression-zone technology alleviates heel and feet pain while keeping you comfortable.

Package includes: 1 Pair of foot sleeve compression socks

Key Product Specifications: *Colour: Black / White *Material: Design with 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex


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